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Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. There is no exception for water heaters. When purchasing a water heater, consider its efficiency and the manufacturer’s warranty. The higher its efficiency the water heater has, the cheaper it will be to operate. Ever wonder why most water heater
manufacturers offer a six year warranty on their tank? The average life expectancy of a tank type water heater in Alabama is seven years! Keep these things in mind on your next purchase.

Gas tank type water heaters are very common in the Birmingham area. They offer low maintenance, low operating costs, and most importantly, quick recovery. As with most tank type water heaters, the typical maintenance is an annual tank flush (which is included in our annual service agreements). This will help reduce the mineral buildup in the bottom of the tank that is commonly associated with “hard water”.

Based on current utility rates, natural gas is slightly cheaper to heat water than electricity. Over the life of a water heater this really adds up. To some people especially the one’s with larger families, the most important variable is recovery time. The average 40 gallon gas tank type water heater will heat 33 gallons of water in one hour at a 90 degree temperature rise. In comparison, a standard electric 40 gallon water heater will heat 21 gallons of water in one hour at a 90 degree temperature rise. Gas tank type water heaters are often the best choice for most Birmingham homes specially during a power

Tankless gas water heaters offer many benefits over a conventional tank type water heater. First, they offer and “endless” supply of hot water. There is no tank to run out of hot water. When you turn a faucet on, the tankless heater heats the water. When you turn the faucet off, the tankless heater turns off. Second, tankless water heaters typically have a higher efficiency rating. This means they cost less to operate. Depending on usage, a tankless heater will eventually pat for itself. For example, a standard tank type water heater has an efficiency rating of approximately 65%. This translates into every dollar you spend on natural gas, .97 cents would heat the water and .3 cents would go out the vent pipe. Finally, tankless water heaters save space. The can be mounted on a wall, in a crawlspace, or even in a closet. Even though there are many benefits to having a tankless water heater, we realize that the initial investment in a tankless water heater is not for everyone. this is why we are trained to provide you with information on all water heaters so you can make an educated decision.

Electric water heaters are the easiest to install and have the best life expectancy than other tank type gas heaters in the Birmingham area. They offer the easiest installation because its just two water connections and the electrical wire. Unlike a gas water heater that has an additional gas line and vent. They can also be installed in enclosed areas such as a closet where a gas tank type could not since they need a source of fresh air to function. Often, electric tank type water heaters last longer than gas tank type heaters because the tank is not being heated by a gas fired flame at the bottom. Heating the bottom of the tank with a gas fired flame causes mineral buildup to form which decreases the file of the tank. Electric tank type heaters use heating elements that protrude through the side of the tank. They heat the water effectively and typically last as long as the tank. Some people claim that electric water heaters are better for the environment since they don’t produce hydrocarbons from burning fossil fuel.

That really depends on where you live and how your power utility provider produces their electricity. In Alabama, 75% of our electricity comes from burning coal, oil, and natural gas. An electric water heater may or may not be the best for your house or your family’s needs. As a professional before you purchase your next water heater.