We are equipped to handle any plumbing job. We own and maintain all our equipment which helps to reduce the cost to our customers.


Each of our service trucks has three different drain machines. They are prepared to unstop lines from 1 1/4″ to 6″ in diameter. For larger pipes, we have a high pressure jetter which uses 4000 psi to easily clean pipes. Once the drain lines have been cleaned, our sewer camera’s determine where the problem is located and what has caused the problem.


Sewer Camera


High Pressure Jetter Drain Cleaner


Locating a leak saves our customers money. For example, if you have a leak on your water service (the pipe from the water meter to the house) you have two options – replace the water service or locate and repair the leak.

Our leak detection equiment is the best and most sensitive manufactured. It amplifies the sound produced by a water leak and electronically converts it to a numerical scale which decreases the chance of human error. In noisy conditions, we rely on our infared camera. It has a sensitivity of 1/10th of 1 degree F. If a cold water line is leaking, the surrounding area will be slightly colder. If a hot water line is leaking, the surrounding area will be slightly warmer.


Leak Detection


Pipe Locating


Our technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and repair any size and type water heater. We stock many repair parts for water heaters. However, replacement is sometimes a more economical choice since the average life expectancy of a water heater is seven years

For our commercial customers we have a propane powered mobile water heater. This unit contains a 199,000 BTU boiler and 100 gallon storage tank. We typically rent this to restaurants so that they can maintain the temperature requirement set by the Health Department.

water heater


If you need a water service or sewer installation, we can save you money. We have specialized equipment and our experienced technicians work efficiently. For example, our Hammerhead Mole can bore under a driveway or sidewalk without the expense of cutting concrete.

water service

Air Compressor and Bore

 sewer rep

Water Service Repair


We provide testing, repairing, and installation for any backflow prevention need. We actually employ Alabama’s only TREEO certified backflow prevention instructor.

back flow