Drain Cleaning

Over 50% of our service calls are drain cleaning related and the majority of those calls are due to a kitchen sink draining slowly or not at all. Over time, fats, oils, and greases build up in the kitchen sink drain pipes and eventually cause a clog. All of our service trucks are equipped with three different cable drain cleaning machines with different sized cables. Each one has a specific application to help clean the build up from the pipe. The cable machines are also effective at removing build up in showers, tubs, and bathroom sinks. The build up in these typically consist of hair, soap, and grime which can be easily removed with our drain cleaning equipment.

The second most common clogged drain is the main sewer line. When this one becomes clogged, every drain in the home is effected. The main sewer line is the drain that all your plumbing fixtures connect to and it leads to the city sewer main or a septic tank. Most people start hearing a gurgle in the toilet and then begin to see water backing up at the lowest plumbing fixture which is typically a bathtub or shower. All of our service trucks are quipped to clean main sewer lines and even perform a video inspection to determine the cause of the back up.